This project is a photographic exploration of the future.

We can all use cameras.
They are on our phones, our tablets, our computers or on any other photographic device.
And we use them all the time.

We often use them without thinking very much about the images we take.
But we take images that are important - at that moment.
Sometimes these images capture more than just “that moment”.

They tell us about people who are important to us.
They tell us about places that are important to us.
They tell us about precious things that mean something special to us.

Each image has the power to tell us what we hope for in the future – our aspirations for the future.

The project is open to everyone who lives, works or studies in the borough - Ealing, Acton, Greenford, Hanwell, Perivale and Southall.

Any age can take part – everyone’s images will be shown on this website.

Rules for submission can be found on the Ealing Autumn Festival website.

Everyone’s images will be shared by us all.